What Are The Job Responsibilities Of An Editor

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of An Editor

The main job responsibility assigned to an editor is to ensure the quality of the content produced. These professionals may work for some newspaper, magazine, publishing house or other media houses and edit the articles or other write ups written by the team of writers working under them.

Those aiming to get into the position of an editor are recommended to go for a degree in journalism or the subject he aims to work in. It is essential for an editor to have good writing skills and command over the language he is dealing in. He must also have good analytical and observational skills.

Editors are not only confined to the writing field. These professionals are also required for editing audio tapes and video recordings. However, these are two different arenas and the qualification and experience required for each of these kinds of editing is different. Editors specializing in different fields are given different responsibilities; few of the responsibilities assigned to editors working for different fields are mentioned below in detail:

Newspaper/ Magazine Editors: Newspaper editors are required to go through the content submitted by the writers and edit the content which is irrelevant. They need to modify the content to some extent, if required. Newspaper/ Magazine editors may make the required changes in the given text on their own or send the work back to the writers giving them instructions to make the changes. If the content quality is poor then the editors may even reject the entire write up and ask the writers to re-write it. They are also required to check the images selected to be pasted with the content and accept or reject these.

Audio/ Video Editors: These editors are required to listen/ watch the audio/ visual clips and make the required editing in the recordings in order to make these clips presentable.

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