Telemetry Nurse Job Responsibilities

Telemetry nurses or more likely called in the U.S. Tele-medicine nurses offering tele-health are responsible for monitoring devices, like those that measure heart rates, breathing rates, blood pressure, and oxygen levels in critically ill patients. These devices are placed beside the patients’ beds and the nurses take readings from the devices and ensure that they are working smoothly.

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Sometimes the telemetry devices are placed in the nurses’ stations and the nurses monitor them remotely. These nurses are trained in this field, have a degree in handling these devices and are recruited based on the qualifications and previous job records. Below given is a list of the major telemetry nurse job responsibilities:

Telemetry Nurse Job Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the workings of the devices to be able to interpret the basic cardiac rhythm of the patients. This also includes understanding the various methods to monitor these devices and taking readings from them so that patients can be treated accordingly.
  • The nurses need to understand the readings, decipher them properly and provide them to the doctors so that they can create a treatment course for the patients for their betterment.
  • It is important for the nurses to be able to provide life support, basic and advanced to the patients who need it.
  • Being able to start and use the telemetry devices is also an important part of the nurses’ jobs.
  • Some of these devices are used to administer drugs to the patients and the nurses should be able to provide the drugs in the devices. This needs them to calculate the drug dosage properly and infuse the medicine in the drip of the patients.
  • They need to be involved in monitoring the patients before and after they are attached to the devices. This will help them to understand how the patients are reacting to the medicines given to them.
  • Recognizing the symptoms of cardiopulmonary and respiratory emergencies.

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