NGO Coordinator Job Responsibilities

NGO Coordinator Job Responsibilities

NGO Coordinator Responsibilities

–          The main job of a NGO Coordinator is to support the development of strategies and programmes regarding the upliftment of the civil society, ensuring good relations with government bodies and other policy influencing organizations.

–          They should be able to conduct workshops and create awareness among the communities for sustainable use of natural resources, respect for cultural diversity and human rights.

NGO Coordinator Job Responsibilities

–          –  Develop and implement the staff development program, training schedule for new      volunteers, develop appropriate tools and methods to build organizational and strong teams.

–          – Documenting the best popular practices in the development of the community, preparing sets of necessary materials and submission of reports as per the situation, handling correspondence, drafting the reports and evaluations.

–          – Scheduling meetings with local NGOs, arranging conference calls, making travel arrangements, planning and organizing workshops to identify their needs for development and training.

–          – Ability to work independently, effective in time management skills and meet     deadlines.

–          – Creating new sets of administrative procedures if required as per the rules, regulations of the Government bodies and ensuring effective information flow.

–          –  Help the Volunteers in designing ideas, effective tools for fund-raising and providing assistance.

–          – Motivate other NGOs, community welfare workers in the case of non-availability during natural disasters like flood, tornadoes, etc.

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