Graphic Designer Job Responsibilities

If you are the creative type, you are in luck? Why? Because in 2023, Linkedin included the role of graphic designer as one of the top highest paying jobs for people working from home. In 2021, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the average salary for graphic designers were about $51,000 per year which is equal to almost $25.00 per hour.

To get a job as a graphic designer, there may be no need for formal work experience, however, graphic designers are often requested during interviews to show their past work. Some agencies and employers reduest two years design experience and the completion of a Bachelor’s degree.

What do graphic designers do? See below for a summarized list of the typical graphic designer job tasks, duties and responsibilities.

Graphic Designer Job Responsibilities

  • use art to communicate ideas, sell products and services, inform customers, market to potential customer, display processes and procedures, entertain, and solve problems
  • create visual designs using without the assistance of a computer program (by hand) or utilzing the latest technologies
  • incorporate symbols, logos, color, venn diagrams, organizational charts, work flow graphics to help their employers and clients communicate complex information in visual forms most readily understood
  • are well versed with an array of platforms such as Adobe, Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat, modes and mediums (digital, physical billboards, signage, placards, promotional apparel,, other merchandise, and flyers).
  • are adept at using color, texture, video, audio. fonts, images, animations and symbols, for instance, to help synthesize a message as stand alone or with print, verbal, musical accompaniment
  • can design and develop images, re-size, compress, convert file formats and export them
  • have the ability to meet deadlines and multi-tasks, working on various projects for an assortment of clients (external or internal) simultaneously

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