Social Media Marketer Job Responsibilities

Neil Patel, the top guru for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) just divulged to his massive audience that social media marketing is much more effective for getting online business than SEO. While this was an extreme statement, social media marketing strategies used along with SEO can produce tremendous benefits.

Social Media Marketers Job Responsibilities

What does this mean for job seekers? The ability to help clients such as companies large and small, nonprofits and governmental agencies communicate their message to the masses is in great demand!

As more and more people are using social media platforms to communicate, exchange ideas, provide feedback and to engage with others in their physical and virtual world; social media jobs are expected to grow significantly. This growth is only good news for job seekers. The average salary of typical social media marketer is about $70,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

International statistics project monumental growth in this industry as well. Global Newswire, projects money spent for international advertising is more than one-half trillion dollars (US$ 664.6 billion). In another ten years, the industry will experience an almost 10% increase!

Social Media Marketer Job Responsibilities

Coursera explains that a Social Media Marketer is a person that uses a plethora of platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and others to spread brand awareness about their clients’ products and services.

There are even some multinational companies, while they already maintain a huge amount of brand awareness, use social media to stay in the forefront of the minds of consumers.

ECompany identifies these top companies as effective users of social media:

  1. Boohoo
  2. Playstation
  3. The Royal Academy
  4. Depop
  5. Chipotle

What does a social media marketer do?

Social Media Marketer Job Responsibilities

A few of the job tasks associated with a social media marketer follows:

  • Develop an organization’s overall social media strategy
  • Coordinate with copywriters (who produce written content), graphic arts designers (who produce visuals), and videographers (who produce audio and video) to create and publish social media posts
  • Track social media channels and analyze key performance metrics to optimize future performance
  • Stay up-to-date with social media up and coming trends, technologies, regulations, and best practices
  • Respond to challenges and engage with consumers as well as other users by posting comments and replying to messages
  • Use social listening and other monitoring tools to understand what people are saying on social media about a company, governmental agency or NGO

Social Media Marketer Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the social media marketer is closely aligned with these positions. In fact, they usually comprise a team as the field of social media is ever expanding.