Work on what you did not study, a difficult decision

The ideal is to study to acquire knowledge and apply it at work. However, in Colombia, some professionals are forced to be employed in tasks unrelated to their academic preparation.

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For Eduardo Paredes Berrelleza, Panduit’s Human Resources manager, a person decides to change their job to work in something other than their profession, because there are no opportunities in the market in the area of ​​study, or if there are, the remuneration is not is the right one.

Paredes adds that a person makes this decision when the career they studied was not the correct one or they did not obtain sufficient information or favorable vocational guidance.


“Our work, regardless of our profession, must provide us with meaning, a purpose and a reason for it. If you don’t find your purpose in your profession, then maybe you will find it in another job. Look for different opportunities if in your career you don’t have the chance to develop and grow personally and professionally,” she says.

 For her part, Yamile Pardo Morales, director of Human Talent at BDO in Colombia, assures that many people are forced to work in what was not studied out of necessity and because of the market offer.

Pardo adds that the change also occurs when the person sees a higher income and better quality of life in a business, or because they actually got a job in line with their life purpose or much more inspiring.

The expert offers some keys to be clear about when you should make the decision to work in something other than what you studied: for example, when you have a hard time getting up to go to work. When you don’t feel satisfied with what you do at work and you see that there is no contribution to the company. Also, when you are not learning something new and you feel little identified with the organizational culture and values. And when the purpose of your professional life is not aligned with the vision of the company.

Out of necessity, many people have to work on what they don’t like.

There is no specific time for you to decide to give up your profession and employ yourself in another labor sector. This is a careful decision, which must be made after analyzing personal, economic and professional factors and taking into account your goals and life project. Evaluate if you want to fight until you are completely fulfilled in your profession, if you can function in other fields while you find your ideal job or if you definitely dedicate your efforts to new challenges.