Research Engineer Job Responsibilities

In 2023, Linkedin indicated that Research Engineers are among the top 7 highest paying remote jobs.

In the United States, Research Engineers can earn around $60,000 to $120,000 annually. What does a research engineer do? What are the job responsibilities of a research engineer?

Research Engineer Job Responsibities

Bascially, the main function of a research engineer is to develop innovative systems, software, products or services. The specific scope of an engineer specializing in research can span many fields and include medical technology, software development, manufacturing, electrical engineering, and biochemistry for instance.

Research Engineering job tasks:

  • improving upon existing technology whenever possible
  • conducting an assessment of the feasibility of designing and developing an innovative technique, process, machine, service or product that has the desired features wanted by the current market, or anticipated with the creation of a new market,
  • developing and designing new business processes, machinery, devices, products, services or technologies
  • collecting data and information relevant to spur innovation
  • analyzing and snythesizing the data and research collected
  • performing test to assess pilot projects, products, processes, techniques, and
  • creating ideal solutions to meet the modern and perplexing challenges

Industries where research engineers are in high demand:

  • military and defense
  • areospace, sea, land, air and transportation
  • health and medical care
  • oil, gas and the exploration of natural resources, and
  • information technology

Zippia suggests that the pathway for beginning a career as a research engineer involves:

  • obtaining a 4-year bachelor’s degree (in some type of engineering program, preferably mechanical or electrical engineering
  • possess at least 2 to 4 years work experience

Do you need inspiration to help you muster the energy to complete a 4 year degree in a highly challenging field?

List of famous engineers (from New Engineer):

  • Serbian born, Niikola Tesla, an understudy of Thomas Edison
  • American inventor, Thomas Edison, the holder of more than 1,000 patents
  • American industralist, Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company
  • Greecian scientist and mathematician, Archimedes
  • Nikolaus Otto, German inventor who developed exhaust engine needed to fuel motor cars
  • Italian illegitimate son of a notary, Leonardo Da Vinci conceptualized air flight though did not see the final product materialize in his lifetime
  • Americans, Wilber and Orville Wright, former bike mechanics, created the airplane
  • Scottish born, Alexander Graham Bell, developed the first telephone

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