Agriculture Marketing Job Responsibilities

Agriculture Marketing Job Responsibilities

Agriculture marketing Responsibilities

Today the demand of the agriculture equipments and product are very much high, most of the farmers want to use the new ways of producing crops and find the most appropriate way of growing efficient crops. Agriculture marketing totally deals with the demand and supply of all the agricultural products and equipments. The officer is responsible for selling, pricing, advertising, packing, promoting, planning and accounting.

Agriculture marketing Job Responsibilities

  • Agriculture marketing officer’s work for farming Supply Corporation, farmer supportive and farm marketing bodies to market farm produce.
  • Those responsible for agricultural machinery sell tractors, seeders, ploughs, harvesters, etc. to farmers in a specified region.
  • Marketing managers plan, expand and apply marketing policy in order to attract purchaser and boost up profits.
  • Some of them are working with the chemical factories, their major responsibility is to identify the area where the need of chemicals is and place order at that place.
  • Marketing officers is responsible for supplying the entire product on time and make sure that they will reach the exact customer.
  • Some are also in charge of marketing manufacture from member farms.
  • They must stick to that client from whom they are dealing with the longer time and remain with them when the market fluctuates.

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