Mobile Developer Job Responsibilities

If you are looking for a job that pays a high wage and is in even higher demand, you need to consider a job as a mobile developer. We are not kidding. In 2023, Linkedin indicated that Mobile Developers are among the top 7 highest paying remote jobs.

Ziprecruiter estimates that the annual salary for mobile application developers range from $90,000 to $138,500. Due to high demand, this range is continuing to increase. Top tier talent can earn upwards of $150,000 or more!

Do you want to know what the primary job tasks and responsibilities are for mobile application developers? Please see below.

Mobile Developer Job Responsibilities

  • Meet with the top leadership team of the company or client to discuss the desired specifications of the mobile application
  • Determine privacy restrictions of user data, if and when personally identifiable information will be collected, stored and/or shared
  • Assess the pros and cons of the differing programming languages
  • Choose the programming language for iOS and Android mobile application development
  • Agree upon the specifications to include the preferred features, schedule, expected date of completion and proposed budget
  • Brainstorm with team members to discuss potential ways in which the mobile application can be designed
  • Create a plan for develping the code, testing parameters and release of the pilot application
  • Write the code the the application independently or with other team members
  • Develop quality control program to test the written code to identify any potential errors, design pitfalls or incompatibilities
  • Debug the code to determine the cause of any errors when the program application is executed and develop a plan for fixing the errors
  • Develop and release patches on continuous basis to correct errors or any foreseeable errors
  • Obtain client feedback and update applications by adding new features, removing redundant and/or incompatible features
  • Develop new modes with which the mobile application can be used to provide greater value to its users

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