5 mistakes that make a bad impression in a job interview

The search for employment is an act that, today, has become a determining factor in the future of Colombians, and something that is invested time that sometimes seems not to have an immediate reward.

5 mistakes that make a bad impression in a job interview

When contacted by a company, the interview is key to a possible link. At this point, mistakes are often made that can affect the hiring of a person, despite the fact that their resume is impeccable and they have extensive experience and knowledge in various fields.

In times of pandemic, the key to having a good job interview is assertive communication. During the eventWomen in Payments Latam, organized byGlobal Association of Women in Payments, Jennifer Sáenz, Colombian lawyer and journalist, highlighted the importance of orality and expression at the moment of being in front of the interviewer.

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Sáenz, stressed that “communication is not a low-risk activity, it is very important to relate in work environments”, and emphasized issues such as empathy, non-verbal communication and argumentation as skills that are worked in their organization and mentoring and that, without a doubt, apply to a successful labor linkage process.

The shortcomings that Colombians most present when facing a job interview are the pronunciation, incorrect posture, lack of argumentation, capacity for synthesis and construction of the discourse, which can cause a possible job opportunity to be lost.

To mitigate the errors that may occur at this stage of the work process, preparation is key. According to a report by Elspik, 85% of professionals who invest in personalized workshops in some soft skill move up in their position, change companies or consolidate their leadership with their work team.

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Soft skills generate awareness about the mistakes that are made in communication and gradually there is an improvement in aspects such as verbal and non-verbal expression, since the labor market is in constant movement and the competition for job search every day is more complex.