5 benefits for SMEs to implement electronic payroll

Through Resolution number 000028, in recent days, the DIAN granted an additional period for companies with 1 to 10 employees to begin implementing electronic payroll, within the first 10 business days of the month of May.

5 benefits for SMEs to implement electronic payroll3

It should be noted that although it is mandatory to implement this regulation for companies, the benefits for small and medium-sized companies, in financial and accounting terms, will generate a positive impact on their operations. Undoubtedly, the main benefit of electronic payroll is that time will be optimized in the processes related to payroll, which nowadays tend to be quite cumbersome in some cases.


Alejandro Vásquez Aramburo, Manager of LOGGRO, software in the cloud that helps improve the management of organizations in Colombia, states that:

“For any business, time is perhaps the most valuable resource. So, for example, a company with up to 100 employees that currently spends 4 hours on payroll activities, with smart software from a technology provider, these tasks could take around 5 minutes.”

Here are the 5 benefits for SMEs that wish to implement the electronic payroll modality:

1. Speed ​​when performing a task:

With electronic payroll software, businesses can pay in seconds. Normally, the calculation, liquidation and payment of payroll is a process that requires the full dedication of at least one person who is in charge of that activity and could take up to weeks.

2. Constant updating:

A payroll software will automatically and in seconds do all the calculations in accordance with the law and the ever-changing requirements of the UGPP.

3. Digital transformation:

By having an electronic payroll software, companies will be able to generate automatic payroll payments since the software is integrated with Colombian banking. Accounting receipts may be generated for payments, including labor liabilities for benefits, social security and everything related to parafiscal.

4. Simplicity in the technological infrastructure:

Entrepreneurs only need a computer to settle the payroll of their businesses, from anywhere that has internet. It is very important that companies make sure they rely on a technology provider authorized by the DIAN and that it allows them to improve the plan as the company adds new workers.

5. Generation of files of the Integrated Contribution Settlement Form (PILA):

PILA files will be generated automatically, as well as payment accounting records or flat files for entrepreneurs to integrate with their business accounting software.