5 strategies to retain young talent in companies

Despite the fact that unemployment figures stand at 12.9%, compared to 12.6% before the pandemic, the reality of the labor market has been marked by the adoption of hybrid work models and the implementation of differential factors within the organizational culture of a company. company, as well as attracting and retaining young talent within corporations from different economic sectors.

5 strategies to retain young talent in companies

According to Laura García, Coordinator of Selection and Service at Gi Group Holding, an expert company in personnel selection, the pandemic has changed the way of thinking of those who are looking for work. Currently, young people seek job opportunities that offer guarantees, growth opportunities within a company and competitive salaries that allow them to have job stability and improve their quality of life.

Laura states that:

“These new generations are not unstable, but being a group with important labor characteristics such as agility to adapt to new trends, easy access to and handling of technologies, and their openness to creativity and innovation, they become very valuable resources. valuable to companies.

And it is that according to the annual study Labor Trends Index recently published by Microsoft52% of Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2012) and Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996), say they contemplate a professional change during 2022, based on a more flexible hybrid work, or even a complete change to remote work.

Therefore, recruiters must have precise knowledge of the organizational culture of your company to select the ideal candidate, so that they can adapt quickly if they start working with the company.

Laura Garcia also comments:

“You have to understand very well that people of this generation have a demanding attitude towards flexibility and are not easily impressed with work hierarchies, but they are motivated by the company’s position in the market.”

According to the above, we present 5 strategies that companies should keep in mind if they want to retain the talent of millennials and centennials:

– Implement the emotional salary, since it represents an opportunity for growth in the medium term.

– Support professional development, since today’s young people are interested in continuing to study and train to be at the forefront. The flexibility of time to carry out educational activities is crucial for a team of young professionals to have a greater sense of belonging.

–  Facilitate digital transformation, since manual processes can be carried out in a different way and generating spaces for innovation and purposeful teams, allows for greater adaptation and effectiveness for new generations.

– Strengthen Employer Branding, this means that young people can see their professional development associated with companies that have brand recognition.

– Make organizational hierarchies more flexible:

Millennials and Centennials feel more comfortable in less rigid environments and with more open policies in which interaction does not depend on levels.