Wildlife Biologist Job Responsibilities

Wildlife Biologist Job Responsibilities

A wildlife biologist is the professional who is responsible for researching on the genetic structures and life cycles of the animals. The major tasks performed by wildlife biologists include study of animal behavior in their habitat, study genetics of animals, carrying out research on effects of environmental changes on the animals etc. Some wildlife biologists are also required to do research on the wild plants and plantations that are present in the forests.

Wildlife Biologist Job Responsibilities:

  • Wildlife Biologist job responsibilities include analyzing and estimating the population of animals and plants of different categories in a certain area.
  • These professionals are also required to study various aspects of animal life like their genetic structures, their interrelationship with animals of same category, their eating habits, diseases and health problems in animals etc.
  • Wildlife Biologist job responsibilities also include conducting research based studies on animals in the controlled and natural environment.
  • Wildlife Biologist is also responsible for documentation of research results and their observations.
  • Wildlife Biologist job responsibilities also include collection of animal specimens to carry out various studies on them.
  • Wildlife Biologist job responsibilities also include working on preventive measures to prevent the diseases and health issues in the animals.
  • These professionals are also required to supervise and audit zoos to investigate any bad practices against animals of the zoo.
  • The wildlife biologist professionals are also required to collect animal DNA samples, carrying out various studies on these samples, documenting DNA and behavioral observations and morphological measurements.

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