Palaeontologist Job Responsibilities

Palaeontologist Job Responsibilities

Palaeontologist Responsibilities

This article focuses on the functions of a Palaeontologist. A palaeontologist is a biologist with the skills of an archaeologist. A palaeontologist conducts detailed studies on rock samples or other physical features with fossilized animal and plant remains, thus enabling them to speculate on the various phases of evolution.

The primary objective of a Palaeontologist is to speculate on evolution.

Palaeontologist Job Responsibilities

  • A palaeontologist must conduct extensive field work on vast expanses of land to search for fossils and animal remains.
  • Extensive use of tools like chisels, shovels, brushes and picks are required.
  • Must be capable of preserving the fossils found by excavating, cleaning, classifying and carefully packing the samples.
  • Must be able to re-arrange the samples for further study.
  • Should have an excellent knowledge of the history of the various creatures discovered and must record new ones if found any.
  • Should be able to publish the work either in the form of papers or by teaching.
  • They work in teams along with the other scientists, thereby; they must have excellent communication skills.
  • Palaeontologists serving as educators work at universities and colleges for giving lectures & evaluation methods.
  • Their reports also assist in natural resources location like petroleum bearing areas.

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