Space Traveler Job Responsibilities

Space Traveler Job Responsibilities

Space Traveler Responsibilities

Space Travelers are members of a crew of a space craft who are involved in traveling through space or maybe just tracking the Earth. Space Travel is a fast developing industry with the first commercial manned space craft being developed by private company Virgin to promote commercial space tourism.

Commercial Space Travelers are generally the scientists or astrophysics enthusiasts who are space lovers themselves.

Space Traveler Job Responsibilities

–          The primary responsibility of a Space Traveler is to motivate more people from all walks of life to participate in space research programs and to increase awareness on the importance of space research.

–          Space Travelers are generally Astrophysicists, cosmologists and wealthy people who are interested in space research and the unfolding mysteries of the vast cosmos. They undergo strenuous physical and mental training to maximize their ability to survive in space.

–          The space crafts being developed nowadays for space travel are generally used to orbit the Earth at a distance of 100 km from the atmosphere. The Space Travelers conduct detailed studies of conditions at these atmospheric levels.

Space Travel is a field that is largely influenced by literature and science-fiction pop-culture 2001: A Space odyssey and Star Trek, the main objective of Space Traveler is to explore uncharted territory and understand the Universe’s mysteries better

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