Avionics Technician Job Responsibilities

Avionics Technician Job Responsibilities

An avionics technician is a person who mainly installs aviation equipments of an aircraft or space projects. Avionics technician performs the most important job while handling aviation base. They are required to test and even repair the damages which have occurred in the avionic equipments and without their support one cannot run an airplane.

In order to be an avionics technician one needs to have a degree in aviation, along with an aircraft maintenance course is also helpful in attaining the job. There are many job responsibilities performed by an avionics technician and some of them are listed below.

Avionics Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • Avionics technician is responsible for testing, handling, installing and repairing all the avionics equipments used in an aircraft and space related projects.
  • Some of the equipments which are to be checked by technicians are radar, radio channeling, navigation and compass system. An avionics technician needs to maintain these tools and constantly check them before a flight takes off.
  • One of the important tasks of avionics technician is to repair and replace defective systems in an aircraft and to test the new equipments after being installed.
  • An avionics technician uses oscilloscopes, digital meters and circuit analyzers in order to test the operating conditions and airworthiness of an aircraft.
  • Avionics technicians also coordinate with the base while channeling radio frequencies.
  • Avionics technician is responsible for keeping the hand tools and seeing if they require some additional tools for aviation processing.
  • An avionics technician sees and keeps record of blueprints, handbooks and schematics in order to see if any repairing is required or not.
  • Further they may also work in ground stations to keep a check on radar system and coordinating it with the pilot.
  • They are also responsible for attaining radiotelephone license in order to regulate the base.

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