Ramp Agent Job Responsibilities

Ramp Agent Job Responsibilities

Ramp Agents are agents who work on the ground and tarmacs of airports. These ramp agents are often appointed by the airlines. They interact with the passengers and assist them in many ways. They help in loading and unloading of the luggage and cargo.

They have to perform numerous other tasks in addition to the ones mentioned above. Here is a detailed look at the Ramp Agent job responsibilities.

Ramp Agents’ Job Responsibilities

  • The Ramp agents begin their work by picking up luggage and cargo from conveyor belts in areas designated for the same. Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter these areas.
  • They transfer these loads onto carts which are then transported from the main hub to the aircraft, either manually or using a special vehicle.
  • There is a limitation to how much an aircraft can weigh, hence, the cargo, passenger as well as fuel load has to be in sync. The Ramp agents has to communicate with the pilots and flight crew, dispatch and other airport staff regularly and ensure safe calculation of aircraft weight and balance.
  • The responsibility of the safety as well as security of the ramp lies with the Ramp agent.
  • The Ramp agents need to escort passengers and pay special attention to special needs passengers (e.g. handicapped or other disabled) and lead them safely out to the lobby.
  • They have to Marshal the aircrafts in and out of the ramp area.
  • The Ramp agents have to service the aircraft and ground equipment by communicating efficiently with the ground personnel and flight crews.
  • Aircraft is equipped with a washroom (lavatory). When an inbound plane arrives and all the passengers have alighted, the lavatory service person (part of the Ramp agent), has to clean and service the washroom, as per the rules and regulations.
  • The Ramp agents rotate in shifts and thus if a baggage loader of the next shift has not turned up making an alternate arrangement is the Ramp agents’ responsibility.

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