Pharmacy Clerk Job Responsibilities

Pharmacy Clerk Job Responsibilities

Pharmacy clerk is a working position which belongs to a person who works in conjunction with the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  The pharmacy clerk position does not require any special knowledge. Their main working area deals with answering phone calls, maintain stock register, stocking shelves and all the other routine activities. This job generally requires a high school degree but a specialized course in this field is always appreciated.

Pharmacy clerk job responsibilities

  • Pharmacy clerk is responsible for answering phone inquiries, and referring them to pharmacist if required.
  • The person working as pharmacy clerk should maintain proper hygiene of the work place, clean equipments and organize shelves in a proper manner.
  • They should accept the medical prescriptions to file gather and process the important information and maintain the record.
  • It is the responsibility of the clerk to refill the stock and to arrange items properly and systematically on the shelves in the pharmacy store.
  • It is their responsibility to maintain cash book to route credit and cash sales.
  • Pharmacy clerk is the in charge for receiving, storing and maintaining the inventory of the pharmaceutical medications or supplies, to check for obsolete or expired medicines and notify the senior in charge when the stock levels are below the minimum inventory level.
  • It is their work to deal with the customers and help them to find out their required merchandise.
  • The pharmacy clerk is responsible for unpacking, sorting, counting and labeling the new stock including the merchandise which requires special care.
  • Pharmacy clerks have to maintain all the records regarding receipts, purchases, inventories or deliveries using the specialized computer programs.
  • They are responsible for educating the customers on the use, course, effect and interaction of medicines.
  • The clerk should take care of the deliveries of merchandise to residences, clinics, living units, treatment areas using various modes of transport.

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