Cyber Security Analyst Job Responsibilities

By: Tonya Mead, PhD, MBA, M.Ed, Corporate Trainer and Behavioral Scientist

A cybersecurity analyst is hired by large multinational conglomerates, national and state governments as well as small businesses and individuals to protect the entity’s hardware, software, and networks from cybercriminals and other actors operating nefariously. The primary goals of cybersecurity analyst are as follows.

  • To have a solid understanding of information technology infrastructure,
  • To monitor this infrastructure at all times,
  • To conduct risk assessments,
  • To evaluate these risk assessments to determine the threats associated, and
  • To prevent unauthorized access and unintentional breaches of the network systems.

Growth in Cyber Security Analyst Jobs

Cyber Security Analysts jobs are one of the fastest growing jobs in America. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), estimates of the growth in jobs with an emphasis on cyber security is expected to top 31% from the present to 2029. This growth dwarfs the average job growth of other jobs (4% only) by seven times.

In addition to this projected growth of cyber security jobs related to corporate, national, state and local governments; small businesses and individuals are increasingly demanding cyber security analysts and experts to help protect their home and small business systems from intrusion as well.

This is particularly true due to the increase in virtual, remote work, work from home and hybrid options introduced by COVID-19 lockdown mandates and the closures of public and private facilities. Not only are large businesses at risk of infection, hacking and intrusion, so are mom and pop retailers, small businesses and home-based employees using and accessing corporate, public, WiFi and private networks. From a technological viewpoint, the global change from the traditional workplace to work from home remotely has introduced special cybersecurity risks that cyber security analysts and experts are employed as a means of minimizing.

Cyber Security Analyst Job Responsibilities and Role

To be specific, please find below a bulleted list of secondary cyber security analyst job responsibilities and role.

  • To investigate security breaches.
  • To work with a team to identify and locate vulnerabilities.
  • To perform ethical hacking.
  • To install and operate security software.
  • To develop and implement security protocols.

Dr. Mead, PhD, MBA, MA is a consultant and blogger at specializing in human behavior, school and social psychology. She can be contacted at: tonya at ishareknowledge dot com