Call Center Agent Job Responsibilities

Call Center Agent Job Responsibilities

Call Center Agent Responsibilities

The job specification of a call centre agent varies from one industry to another. A call centre agent has to provide valuable input and resolve the customer’s queries with a tracking system with respect to established guidelines. They also need to make sure that the exact records; databases and files are maintained and set up regularly. They document inquiries and help assigning cases accordingly.  

Call Center Agent Job Responsibilities

–          Respond to inbound calls and also assist clients with specific queries.

–           Help building clients interest in products and services that are offered by the organization.

–           Help providing personalised client services.

–          Revising all readily available databases with new changes and status of individual clients.

–           The client calls are followed up with clerical jobs including filling paper work, faxing, checking credit references and connection with various departments.

–          Helps in arranging to send information packages, products and brochures to customers.

–          They must ensure client satisfaction both for internal and external clients.

–          Must possess a good understanding capability for interpreting client’s needs and also provide contracts while interacting with the callers.

–          Must be able to understand and interpret claims systems.

–          Use effective approach for handling telephone tasks such as unintentional disconnections, interruptions and so on.

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