Bank Clerk Job Responsibilities

Bank Clerk Job Responsibilities

Bank Clerk Responsibilities

A Bank clerk’s main responsibilities are to maintain basic transactions involved in banking and he also has to serve as a point of contact to the customer. It is an entry level post where in all the financial queries are answered and fundamental updates and calculations are made.  He has to record and maintain all the loan information’.

Bank Clerk Job Responsibilities

–  They are required to accept the deposits made by the customers and also cash the cheques from clients along with making necessary updates.

–  They make the payment of money to the customer after confirming the signatures on drafts, cheques, etc. They also look into fund availability.

–  They need to enter all the transaction data into the bank computer system before finishing their shift.

–  They must help customers out in case of account related issues and also inform the manager about the same if necessary.

–  When they are dealing with withdrawals they need to check for the photo identifications and customers signatures to make sure it is still valid and there isn’t any violation of security.

–  They need to accept the loan payments on their employer’s behalf.

–  They have to keep track of the accuracy of their cash drawer balance.

–  They need to give out information to the customers regarding the credit cards, loan, tax saving schemes, etc.

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