CAD Technician Job Responsibilities

CAD Technician Job Responsibilities

CAD Technician Responsibilities

The job responsibility of the CAD technician is to work along with the designer to generate a graphical image of the project. The CAD designer has to utilize the computer design software programs and draft the object from different angles. The CAD Technician carries out a multitude of drafting duties with the help of CAD.

They are involved in development, generation and computer assisted drafting of the design.

CAD Technician Job Responsibilities

  • Work in liaison with the project designer and create the graphical design and layout of the project.
  • Prepare the preliminary sketches of the design.
  • Generate the most effective designs based on the information and suggestions from the architects and engineers.
  • Perform the drafting activity for determining the project plans.
  • Collect information and other data regarding the design.
  • Generate complex sketches for the projects.
  • Develop good communication with the clients, engineers and contractors.
  • Conduct extensive fieldwork and research on the data based as per the

client requirements.

  • Perform AutoCAD maintenance and resolve technical issues.
  • Perform regular software up gradations.
  • Develop an up to date knowledge on the current software applications and improvements happening in the field of computer hardware.
  • They work towards creating the graphical demonstration of a latest project.
  • Their drawings showcase manufacturers or builders how a building or project is constructed.


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