Licensed Nurse Job Responsibilities

Licensed Nurse Job Responsibilities

Licensed Nurse Responsibilities

A licensed nurse’s job is similar to any nurse where he helps patients with daily living chores and cares for the patient directly. They work for hospitals, nursing facilities, clinics and sometimes even provide private services.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A licensed nurse helps patients with basic care and also bathes and cleans them, brushes their hair, dresses them and performs other personal hygiene tasks
  • They help the patients get comfortable in bed, and assist them in standing and walking
  • They give medicines on time as directed by the doctor and also create a special diet for them
  • They help patients do some exercises which improves their condition
  • They observe patients for any changes in their health, and measure and record vital signs
  • They also help the patient get ready for tests and examinations
  • They provide basic patient treatment like changing sterile dressings on surgery or other wounds, treating bedsores, and giving alcohol rubs or massages
  • They may also have to change colostomy bags, give enemas and perform catheterization
  • Under the guidance of the doctor they also administer oral medications, injections and intravenous fluid therapy
  • They need to record required information and documentation in the patient’s record
  • They have to sterilise equipment and supplies using germicides
  • They need to put clean bed sheets for the  patient’s bed and change his clothes

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