40% of people who work in technology suffer from a chronic level of stress

According to the Burnout Index 2021, recognized as the largest scientific assessment of the state of stress and job burnout of IT teams, 40% of people who work in technology have Burnout Syndrome: they suffer from a chronic level of stress and mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion. According to the report, 4 in 10 professionals in this industry are at high risk of developing burnout at work and 1 in 5 plan to quit their job in the next 6 months due to lack of psychological well-being.

40% of people who work in technology suffer from a chronic level of stress

Likewise, women who work in this industry have a higher risk of developing burnout than men. 70% today feel exhausted and without physical and emotional energy after a working day, compared to 56% of men. To develop the study, 32,644 responses from IT professionals in 33 countries were collected and analyzed between January and November.
In simple words, job burnout is the culmination of chronic and prolonged stress at work. Several factors increase the risk of suffering from this syndrome, such as excessive work, constant work against the clock and loneliness (which increased during the pandemic); furthermore, remote computers that don’t often go offline may be at greater risk. Although all these elements are common in the technology industry, the presence of burnout has not been well documented so far.


That’s why Erbo created a simple, free tool called the Burnout Index to help people understand their level of burnout risk, aggregating the largest data set of its kind ever seen. The report acts as a calculator that measures the degree to which the anonymous participant feels: exhausted, inefficient, dishonest, or experiencing depersonalization. These are the four dimensions that are scientifically linked to burnout and each one corresponds to a score, resulting in a “low”, “moderate” or “high” risk. 

To highlight, between January and November 2021, the Burnout Index collected 32,644 responses from IT professionals in 33 countries. Early results from the study, which is still ongoing, point to a burnout crisis in the tech industry. It concludes that 40% of the employees in this industry who participated in the sample are experiencing a high risk of burnout.