What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Social Worker?

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Social Worker?

Social Workers work for different social causes. They may work for orphans and people working for such homeless children are usually associated with one or more orphanages. Social workers may even aid old age homes with cash or kind.

These people may also work for women rights and other such social causes. Social workers usually work in association with social work assistants and health care staff. There is no specific educational qualification that a social worker is required to have. Anyone willing to serve the society can become a social worker.

Social workers work free of charge for the betterment of the society and undertake various responsibilities; few of which are mentioned below in detail:

Conduct Interviews: Social workers are required to conduct interviews of the service users and their family members in order to understand their situation and assess it. Once they understand and analyze the situation of these individuals they need to counsel them to handle the situation appropriately.

Write Assessments: Social workers are required to undertake and write the assessments. This is usually done in association with the medical staff members. These assessments should match the given standards as well as the timescale.

Work for different causes: Social workers are required to work for different causes such as women rights, people suffering from ill mental health, child protection, etc. They need to meet people or communities undergoing such issues and work towards their betterment.

Legal Action: Social workers are required to take legal action against people causing harm to the society. They need to meet the lawyers and other legal officials in order to work on such cases. They are required to make sure that they follow the proper legal procedure in order to give justice to their clients.

Social workers are a boon to the society. More and more people should volunteer to provide social service.

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