What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Medical Assistant?

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Medical Assistant?

A medical assistant is required to work under the guidance and supervision of the doctors and carry out various tasks as per their instructions. It is essential for a candidate to have thorough knowledge about the medical practices and terminology in order to get into the position of a medical assistant.

One also requires good listening skills, the ability to follow orders/ instructions and work in association with others in order to handle this position well. Mostly employed at hospitals or nursing homes the medical assistants need to be vigilant during their duty hours and be there at every beck and call of the doctors.

There are several responsibilities assigned to a medical assistant; few of these responsibilities are mentioned below in detail:

Examine Patients: Medical assistants are required to examine the patients when they arrive in hospitals, nursing homes or clinics and understand the problem they are going through.

Check Vital Signs: Medical assistants are required to check the patient’s body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and other vital signs from time to time and record the same.

Maintain Patient’s Reports: Medical assistants need to record the details about the patient’s medical history and maintain a record of the patient’s medical progress. He needs to file all the important medical reports and other papers of the patients.

Nursing Care: Medical assistants are required to take care of the patients. They need to ensure that the patients take medicines on time and also eat the essential diet as suggested by the doctor. Medical Assistants also need to motivate the patients to get well soon.

Assist in Treatment: Medical assistants need to help the doctors in performing medical treatments. They are required to be there by the doctor’s side while they are conducting operations or other treatments and provide the required assistance to them.

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