What Are Bartender Job Duties And Responsibilities?

What Are Bartender Job Duties And Responsibilities?

Bartenders are given the responsibility to serve beverages and snacks in the bar. A bartender is expected to be courteous, he needs to have good manners and serve the customers with smile. Bartender should also have complete knowledge about different beverages being offered at the bar they are working with and also the prices of these beverages.

Apart from serving the beverages and snacks there are several other job responsibilities assigned to the bartenders. One of these responsibilities is that of collecting money for the drinks served or directing the customers to the billing counters for making the payment. They need to ensure that the customers are given cash receipts.

Bartenders are also required to greet the customers with smile as they arrive in the bar and take order from them. Bartenders need to share the rates of different beverages available at the bar and also provide information about ingredients added in different cocktails and mock tails to the customers to help them choose drinks. Bartenders need to see to it that the drinks are not served to customers who are underage.

Bartenders need to set the table linens, chair covers and place water jugs and other essential items on each table in the bar. They need to ensure that the bar is kept clean and tidy at all times. Bartenders are required to clear the tables after the customers have had their snacks and beverages. They are also assigned the responsibility of cleaning the glasses and other utensils.

Bartenders are required to prepare cocktails and mock tails by mixing together water, soda, bitters, sugar, lime and other ingredients and may even garnish them with fruit slices. They may prepare customized cocktails as per the order given by the customers. They also need to arrange bottles and glasses appropriately on the bar counter.

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