Web Administrator Job Responsibilities

Web Administrator Job Responsibilities

Web Administrator Responsibilities

The web administrator will have to maintain the connection between Internet Service Provider and the Web Server. The administrator will have to configure and monitor the technical aspects for a web portal. The administrator will have to monitor the firewalls thereby updating the security of the web sites.

They are responsible for administrating, updating and delivering new functions to the different web applications in order to assist the efficiency.

Web Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Support and maintenance of different websites
  • Time to time monitoring and customer support.
  • Designing and delivering the web infrastructure.
  • Exploring and developing new capabilities.
  • Work in collaboration with the other technical staff.
  • Communication of plans and strategies across the team.
  • Provide support and added features for a technology loaded web space.
  • Construct, install and adjust and provide necessary support to the web server.
  • Ensure the compatibility of the website with various website browsers.
  • Managing the accessing rights of different users to the website.
  • Management of settings of  site navigation.
  • Analyzing the website traffic and responding to feedbacks.
  • Will have to manage the authority and page security for the site.
  • Maintains relation between Web server and ISP.
  • They need to oversee the website functionality and performance.
  • They are responsible for the overall security of website.

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