Transportation Manager Job Responsibilities

Transportation Manager Job Responsibilities

Transportation Manager Responsibilities

Transportation managers have to coordinate all the functions associated with the transportation department. These include creating routes, hiring and guiding the employees, properly ordering the equipments and buses, monitoring and setting policies, budget and records.

All the regulations regarding traffic have to be followed by the transport manager such as the student transportation. If required other duties may have to be carried out.

Transportation Manager Job Responsibilities

– Hiring, training, supervising, evaluating and coaching the drivers.

– Ensuring that the drivers are licensed, trained, certified and tested as per the regulations.

– Facilitating and attending staff meetings on a regular basis.

– Collaborating with staff and regional managers.

– Designing, providing and regularly assessing safety and driving.

-Effectively managing the component budget along with ensuring the appropriateness of expenditures within permitted reserves.

-Maintaining and updating policies, handbooks and procedures as per the regulations, agency directives and strategy.

-Maintaining and monitoring all the documentation associated with driving records, physicals, testing, training and licensing.

– Maintaining records of oil expenditures, gas, routine maintenance and phone calls related to the industry.

-Scheduling emergency and routine maintenance and repairs of the entire vehicles

-If required, back-up vehicles have to be provided.

-Ensuring that all the inspections of the vehicles have been carried out.

-Providing assistance to the administrative managers as per the requirement.

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