The danger of relationships at work

At the office, regardless of your mood, you must also demonstrate maturity and professionalism.

On the Day of Love and Friendship there are many actions and messages of affection, however, throughout the year companies usually prevent their employees from having romantic relationships to avoid conflicts of interest and that your productivity is affected.

The danger of relationships at work.

“Labor productivity can be affected by the interpersonal relationships of two employees, since they lead to involving emotions and feelings that cannot always be well managed by the collaborators of a company,” Daniel Parra explained to, Adecco’s Permanent Placement manager.

And he added: “Not only can they be affected by conflicts of interest between the areas or roles they perform, a high degree of maturity and professionalism is also needed to keep the impact of personal and job performance separate.”

It is necessary that each employee or worker understands the reality of each context and the possibilities of each company, in order to determine if these spaces can be given in that work environment, without losing sight of productivity and professionalism.

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“One of the reasons that have the most weight for companies to prohibit this type of relationship in work environments is because at some point it can impact the management of employees and influence the fulfillment of their duties and, above all, when they work in the same area”, indicated Laura Alba, business partner of Human Resources of Page Group Colombia.

As for external relationships, if the companies to which those involved belong are competitors or may have something in common in a business setting, relationships are prohibited because sensitive information can be leaked. In addition, the position of those who exchange this sensitive data can be put at risk. In fact, there are many companies that include this item in their work clauses to protect themselves, preventing the employee at a specific moment from weighing more heavily on his emotions than his professional role. In such cases, dismissals can be given with just cause.

There are those who say that for a personal relationship to be healthy, each one must have their own times and work spaces. However, if love comes at the office, the most important thing is to be clear about your working conditions, fulfill your responsibilities and avoid acts or situations that make your colleagues uncomfortable at all costs.