Student Advisor Job Responsibilities

Student Advisor Job Responsibilities

Student Advisor Responsibilities

A student advisor often advises the students related to the various information, procedures and academic requirements of a specific program and providing assistance to the students in exploring their careers, evaluating various academic abilities, and setting some standard goals. A student advisor is also responsible for preparing the various study materials related to the student information, advising guides and recruitment materials.

Student Advisor Job Responsibilities


– A student advisor assesses the student’s stage of development and assists the students in attaining a proper academic and career goals.

– Developing and implementing the various programmes in compliance with the government and educational policies.

– Informing the students about their rights and responsibilities.

– Representing the students in various disputes with local agencies and college authorities.

– Monitoring the participation and progress of students in order to ensure the compliance of the program.

– Maintaining the student files and records; and prepares the documents related to the student information and updating the computerized information system.

– Analyzing the requirements of the students, and representing the programs related to the educational authorities.

– Providing group and individual orientations to students and giving them information about the new and old students.

– Assisting students with the registration process, filing of other forms and solves their queries.

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