Sharepoint Administrator Job Responsibilities

Sharepoint Administrator Job Responsibilities

The SharePoint administrators are the professionals who are responsible for installing and configuring SharePoint environment in an organization.  These professionals are required to manage the applications and services that run on SharePoint environment and design policies for SharePoint users in the organization. Although SharePoint is a vast area to work on, but the administrator is majorly required to handle the systems supporting SharePoint setup and environment.

SharePoint Administrator Job Responsibilities:

  • SharePoint Administrator job responsibilities include making the Office SharePoint server’s application platform services available to all the users in the SharePoint environment.
  • SharePoint Administrator job responsibilities include configuring, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting SharePoint server and its applications to the users.
  • The SharePoint administrators are also required to design custom workflow tasks and process InfoPath data from within a workflow.
  • These professionals also required to create SharePoint rules, build formulas to ease the work of users, automate office forms server administration tasks, activate and upload templates etc.
  • SharePoint Administrator job responsibilities include managing credentials, use single sign on credential store to help the users in their tasks,  convert documents using document converter, enabling search services on SharePoint server , configure the keyword query services and creating & maintaining audience.
  • These professionals are also required to manage all the key aspects of SharePoint server like configuring and installing SharePoint service packs, managing system backup practices, user and group administration, assigning required privileges to certain user groups, managing SharePoint sites and site collections and regulating security practices to avoid unauthorized users from accessing confidential information.

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