Service Technician Job Responsibilities

Service Technician Job Responsibilities

A service technician is a person who is appointed by a company for the purpose of service providing to clients and customers. The job responsibilities and duties of a service technician may differ and vary from one field to another, for example a computer service technician is responsible for installation, repair and maintenance of computers and computer parts whereas a car service technician does the same for a car. Given below are a few of the job responsibilities of a service technician.

Service Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • One of the major and primary job responsibilities of any service technician is to install and maintain the item or product such as a car part, computer software, aircraft part etc…
  • It is a job responsibility of a service technician to look after and repair the part or machinery so that it functions properly and preventive care is provided to it the various types of machinery.
  • Service technician is also responsible for making a log or report of the servicing tasks performed by him/her on per day basis.
  • A service technician is responsible for educating himself/herself on a regular basis about the servicing techniques and methods so as to be updated at all times.
  • A service technician is also responsible for collecting payment in case of independent employment and giving the bill to the customer or client for making due payments.
  • A service technician is required to perform tasks of troubleshooting and problem solving in the case of damaged parts or machinery.



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