Secretary Transportation Job Responsibilities

Secretary Transportation Job Responsibilities

Secretary transportation is a high level executive of the government who is either appointed by a state government for the transportation functionality of the state or by the centre to look after the transportation arrangements and ongoing projects throughout the country. This job position is attained after a rich experience in the transportation department and comes along with complex job duties as well as responsibilities. Some of the major job responsibilities of secretary transportation are mentioned in the following lines.

Secretary Transportation Job Responsibilities:

  • The primary responsibility of a secretary of transportation is to implement and develop the federal transportation rules and regulations.
  • Responsible for looking after and bringing about improvements in the roads as routes of the state in which he/she is appointed.
  • Secretary transportation is responsible for meeting all the prescribed safety standards along with maintaining the quality of the products, materials and equipments used.
  • Responsible for directing several state agencies to work for the development of the respective area of transportation.
  • Secretary transportation is responsible for maintaining a log of activities of the transportation companies in the state.
  • Responsible for maintaining a check on the finances involved in modifications of the roads and purchases of the equipments, materials etc…
  • Responsible for allocating the funds to transportation agencies and defining their respective duties and responsibilities.
  • Responsible for meeting with the secretary of transportation of other states to discuss and develop better plans and projects for the betterment of transportations of the country as whole.

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