Maintenance Manager Job Responsibilities

Maintenance Manager Job Responsibilities

In any organization, there are profiles which are perhaps not key deliverables of the organizations, but their roles are so important, that organizations take especial note while recruiting for these role. The role of the Maintenance Manager is one such role. So if the organization has to manage its upkeep and maintenance, be it for the plant/facility or the floor, it is the responsibility of the maintenance manager.

In most organizations this is a well paying job, and additional perquisites (such as shift allowances and benefits, petrol and telephone charges) are also borne by the companies. Some of the main Maintenance Manager Job duties are given below:

Maintenance Manager Job duties

  • Their primary role is that of designing appropriate maintenance programs for the entire organization; this means that when anything breakdown or functions inadequately, he is both responsible and accountable for it
  • He must be able to assess risks from before; in certain industries, such as IT, there are certain inlaid risks (such as bugs and virus from programs). The maintenance manager must be able to identify and have precautions handy for these risks and implement these preventive measures
  • He must also perform adequate research for improvements in performance
  • He must coordinate with human resources team for recruitment and training programs and includes skill development and mentoring of new and old hires
  • In several cases it is mandatory for him to follow safety measure and ensure that while performing tasks, the team is adhering to industry requirements
  • He must able be able to manage company expenditure and costs involved; though maintenance is significantly important, yet it should not be a burden on the organization; the maintenance manager therefore should plan and analyze maintenance strategies accordingly
  • He must be able to deliver results; companies pay high salaries to their maintenance managers so that the delivery teams do not slack. The maintenance manager must therefore facilitate timely delivery.

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