Line Worker Job Responsibilities

Line Worker Job Responsibilities

Line Worker Responsibilities

The Line Worker in an organisation or a production line is responsible for smaller, more repetitive tasks like assembling of components, stock taking, operating machinery, fixing pre-manufactured parts. Also known as assembly line workers, the line worker is interdependent i.e., nature of the task performed by the worker depends on the task performed by the previous employee. The Line Worker in an organisation is responsible for a smaller, repetitive task along the assembly line.

Line Worker job Responsibilities:

  • Performing tasks like assembling parts together
  • Utilizing tools like screw-drivers, pliers, soldering irons in the assembly line depending on the manufactured product.
  • Should be able to report to the supervisor on matters like faulty parts, sub-standard quality of resource, tools etc.
  • Should instruct co-workers on various instructions provided by supervisors.
  • Should handle heavy machinery and other machinery effectively without any mishaps.
  • Must organise assembly properly to save time and to increase productivity of the assembly line.
  • Inform supervisor on excessive defective resources available.
  • Must co-ordinate with other co-workers on issues in the assembly line.
  • Must always instigate¬† a safe environment for¬† oneself and other co-workers in line.

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