If you are independent, you can join occupational hazards

Colombians without a contract or employment relationship have the opportunity to join the General System of Occupational Risks (SGRL), that is, the so-called independent can also have the coverage of an Occupational Risk Administrator (ARL) thinking about the prevention and care of your health at work.

If you are independent, you can join occupational hazards

This is established by decree 1563 of 2016. And to do so, there are certain conditions: the first is that independent workers earn one or more current legal monthly minimum wages and that the payment of contributions to the system is through the ARL and through the use of the integrated contribution settlement form (PILA). In other words, the person must be previously affiliated to the general social security health system in the contributory regime and to the general pension system.

Another basic condition for this voluntary affiliation to become effective is that the minimum affiliation period is one month.

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To establish the contribution base income (IBC), the worker must use the same amount that he contributes to the general health and pension systems, which cannot be calculated below a minimum wage, nor can it exceed 25 minimum wages. In addition, it is important to remember that a specified contribution percentage is included that varies according to the activity carried out.

The contribution is made in complete monthly periods, it is paid month in arrears, it is processed through the PILA and the coverage of the General System of Occupational Risks begins the calendar day following the date of affiliation.

For registration, it is necessary for the worker to add their data and specify the situations of time, manner and place in which they will carry out all the occupations or trades exercised independently. Also, the risk class of each of the activities or trades according to the most representative occupations or trades classification table that was annexed to Decree 1563 of 2016.

The form must be attached to the identification of hazards established by the Ministry of Labor, completed in accordance with the occupations or trades to be carried out by the independent and the certificate of the results of a pre-occupational examination that is performed on the worker and it must be issued by a doctor licensed in Occupational Health and Safety, with a maximum validity of 30 days.