HR Trainee Job Responsibilities

HR Trainee Job Responsibilities

HR Trainee Responsibilities

HR trainees have to handle the various job functions assigned to the trainee effectively so that he or she can easily progress to higher levels. A trainee in the field has to work hard towards ensuring that all office functions are carried out smoothly by maintaining the relation between employees and employers. They also have to assist with developing and implementing various procedures.

HR Trainee Job Responsibilities

–          Working with other employees so that various issues can be discussed and solutions can be found out.

–          Giving information related to any particular issue to the higher officials if it is an unmanageable one

–          Help the different departments to conduct the process of recruitment easily by collaborating with advertisers and consulting agencies.

–          Identifying and selecting candidates with potential

–          Conducting the interview process smoothly and with maximum effectiveness

–          If found suitable, a candidate has to be given the job offer and the HR trainee has to act as the representative of management for carrying out this ask

–          Conducting the programs of induction for the newly appointed candidates

–          Collecting information on market salaries so that annual reviews can be conducted easily

–          Updating the monthly pay roll so that employee records can be prepared

–          Accurately collect statistics and facts so that financial calculations can be done easily.

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