HR Manager Job Responsibilities

HR Manager Job Responsibilities

HR Manager Responsibilities

A Human Resource Manager involves into the serious discipline of the human manpower and maintains the personal, emotional and financial needs of the human beings, as they are not uni-dimensional entities.

And, hence, human resource management was evolved to cultivate a positive work culture in the organization, motivate the employees and streamline the recruitment process and provide training to the employees.

HR Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Involving in the resource hunting and recruitment process of an individual.
  • Identifying and verifying the documentation of the staff for the recruitment process.
  • Maintaining the records of an employee details.
  • Gathering information from other departments and employees.
  • Arranging the various training and development programs.
  • Providing the coaching and training to the employees.
  • Ensuring about the employee safety, security, welfare, wellness and health.
  • Providing company committee facilitation and participation.
  • Administering the duties of the performance appraisal and motivating the employees.
  • Updating the staff handbook and updating the personnel records regarding the salary and payroll negotiations.
  • Providing response to the general HR enquiries verbally and written.
  • Maintaining the routine correspondence and providing the employee satisfaction and feedback reports.
  • Developing and administering the special projects.
  • Manage & control the departmental expenditure that exists within the budgets.
  • To manage & develop reporting staff.

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