How often should you update your resume?

Keep your resume up to date, by doing it only when you want a new job you are losing new opportunities.

How often should you update your resume

If you want to get a new job, the resume is the basic and necessary input for that mission. Before applying to the offers, make sure that your data is up to date, for companies it is easier to locate active candidates in search of new possibilities than those whose data is out of date.

“The labor market demands that one always be ready to react quickly to any change, to think about what will happen in the event of a possible layoff or to generate new professional opportunities. For this reason, you must always keep your resume up to date,” explained Juan David Toups Ramirez, ManpowerGroup Communications and Marketing Manager.

To keep your resume up to date, the advice is that as a new challenge, promotion or change arises, include it in your resume. Make this a habit to be able to apply to the job offers that are published every day.

Carolina Forero, leader of Hays’ Marketing team for Latin America and Colombia, adds the following:

“It is important to have all the relevant information in the different formats in which the resume exists (physical, digital, platforms, social networks, etc.), with the growth and specialization of the profile clearly written. It is very important to have at hand the exact dates on which you have changed jobs, completed a new study or achieved a promotion, for example”.

Another piece of advice is to update what is necessary so that the information that the recruiter reads is striking and in accordance with the requirements of the vacancy that you want to fill.

“The academic and work trajectory of the candidate must be communicated in a summarized way, highlighting the skills or competencies that he or she possesses. The ideal in this sense is to ensure that the profile is a review in accordance with the vacancy to which you are applying, under criteria of honesty and transparency, with the possibility that the information transmitted is verifiable,” said Noel González, head of Experience of Adecco candidates and temps.


If you do not update your resume, you may lose job opportunities. For example, at, companies usually look for candidates with up-to-date CVs and that is why they use the filters available on the platform to only count on people whose information is up-to-date.

Be proactive, if you do not change position, include your annual achievements, or every time you acquire additional responsibilities that imply changes in the structure and that represent a significant transformation in the workflow.

“The trend is that regardless of whether the person is actively looking for work or not, they keep their data up to date. The management of social networks and the information that the market is receiving means that people are constantly renewing their professional information, the current interactivity and the new forms of recruitment make today more open and subject to having this information. updated since the exhibition is permanent”, pointed out Laura Alba, business partner of Human Resources of Page Group Colombia.