Clerk Job Responsibilities

Clerk Job Responsibilities

Clerk Responsibilities

Clerks should work accurately, should have good language skills. They perform various tasks such as typing, writing accounts, keeping files, preparing reports, etc. They perform the work assigned to them by senior officials.

There are various types of clerical jobs like bank clerk, accounting clerk, court clerk, general clerk, administrative clerk, law clerk, data entry clerk, etc. Clerks must have basic knowledge of accounting and MS Office.

Clerk Job Responsibilities

–          General clerk perform basic tasks, make phone calls, send and receives mails and faxes.

–          They answer phone calls and route them to desired persons.

–          They work with account related work.

–          They may keep registers and reports.

–          A law clerk provides information to judge before court and assist judges in writing opinions.

–          A data entry clerk reads hand written data and enters them into computer.

–          A court clerk is responsible for maintaining records of the court.

–          A stock clerk receives stores and issues materials from store room.

–          A financial clerk enters data into cash book, ledgers and journals.

–          Clerks can also be seen in school to maintain the records of students and teachers to make entry about their fees, etc.

–          Registration clerks distribute mails, maintain reports, checks paper works to ensure they are correct and to perform simple arithmetic calculations.

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