Audit Trainee Job Responsibilities

Audit Trainee Job Responsibilities

Audit Trainee Responsibilities

As an audit trainee, an employee has to follow the several formalities and process associated with auditing company accounts. Basically, he or she has to check client’s financial statements to ensure the proper accounting of all the expenditure and receipts. There is a need to verify the financial systems also to ensure the correct payment as per the accounting standards.

Audit Trainee Job Responsibilities

–          Familiarizing with the clients in addition to maintaining and developing good relations by giving maximum importance to clients

–          Acquiring an ability to lead the audit teams so that financial systems can be tested for ensuring high quality of these systems.

–          Learning the proper functioning of audit programs that are approved by the organization

–          Carry out fieldwork properly and documenting all the information related to these field work as per the quality standards

–          Drafting letters so that he or she can report to the managers of the organization

–          Examining balance sheets, loss accounts and profit in detail

–          Identifying the problems and risks for assessing the reporting systems of the company

–          Paying attention to all the details associated with the job of an audit trainee

–          Acquiring the skills that are necessary for excelling in the work of auditing, these include hard-work, observance, dedication and analytical skills.

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