Architect Job Responsibilities

Architect Job Responsibilities

Architect Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of an Architect include taking into consideration the way the buildings and structures look. They ensure that the buildings are safe, sustainable, functional, aesthetically pleasing, economical and suite the requirements of the people using the building.

The other main responsibility is that they give advice on the restoration and protection of old properties. In all, they work mainly for creating innovative plans and designs.

Architect Job Responsibilities


–          Discuss the objectives, necessities and financial plan of a project.

–          Consult with any other construction professionals like surveyors, engineers etc regarding the design of the surroundings.

–          Prepare and present possibility design proposals and reports to the client.

–          Advice the client in details about the viability of the project.

–          Assist in selection of site.

–          Get the help of IT in designing and in project management, especially by means of software packages like Computer Aided Design i.e. CAD.

–          Try to keep within the deadlines and financial budgets.

–          Produce detailed workings, sketching and specifications.

–          Specify the quality and nature of materials needed.

–          Prepare for presentations and tender applications.

–          Negotiate with other professionals and the contractors.

–          Prepare applications for the plans and building control departments.

–          Take control of the project from the beginning till the end.

–          Working with the construction and contractor managers for obtaining permits.

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