Pediatric Nursing Job Responsibilities

Pediatric Nursing Job Responsibilities

A pediatric nurse is a nurse who also specializes in assisting a pediatrician or a doctor who is responsible for treating children or infants. Since the nature of the job of pediatric nursing i.e. dealing with kids and adolescents, the individuals employed as pediatric nurses must be well qualified. These nurses have to perform a number of tasks such as carry on physical examinations, take samples and other diagnostics. They handle all the duties which are assigned to them by the pediatrician. A list of a few of the job responsibilities of a pediatric nurse are being given below which can be referred to for help.

Sample Pediatric Nursing Job Responsibilities

  • They are responsible for making the kid comfortable and commute with the individual to understand how does he or she feels.
  • A part of the pediatric nursing responsibilities is to assess the child’s condition, observe and report the same to the doctors as and when required.
  • The pediatric nurses are responsible for taking blood samples, urine samples and any other samples which are of relevance to the kid’s status.
  • The pediatric nurses are responsible for running proper tests on the individual such as measuring the vital statics or any sort of a diagnostic test.
  • The pediatric nursing responsibility also includes educating the parents or the caregivers/ guardians of the respective child as to how to take care of the Childs health and how to protect him/ her.
  • The pediatric nurses are responsible for the administration of the medicines on the prescription and for changing the bandages etc. in case of injuries.
  • The pediatric nurses are required to document the patient’s medical progress and condition by careful book keeping.
  • The nurses are responsible for providing the patient with anything they need by responding to the emergency rings.

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