Writing Job Responsibilities

Writing Job Responsibilities

Writing job responsibilities are determined by the position the writer holds in an organization. This is because from the first draft to the published copy, a story or article usually passes through many hands. There are various writing experts who have various writing job responsibilities to perfect a piece.

MostĀ writing job responsibilities vary with the form of writing the writer is involved in. However, the procedure of writing is similar irrespective of the form of writing. The first responsibility of a writer is planning. He is required to plan what he is going to write about. He may be assigned to cover a function or given a topic to write on. Both of this requires planning as the writer has to come up with his own angle of the story and also how he is going to execute it. The other responsibility is research. The writer is responsible for digging for information from various information sources like the internet, conducting interviews and also attending functions or events to get information.

The most important part inĀ writing job responsibilities is writing the article itself. The standard of all other responsibilities clearly comes out in the article. This is where the writer expresses himself and his ideas or relates what he observed from a certain person or incident. It is his responsibility to ensure that the story flows well and has all elements of a good article. He is also supposed to ensure that it is grammatically correct. This is also known as editing.

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