What mistakes should you avoid at work if you want a promotion?

In recent days, an unusual event in the world of sports has gone viral; The New Zealand National Team player, Mikayla Moorescored three own goals in her team’s 5-0 defeat against the United States National Team, something that has undoubtedly put her continuity in the team’s process for the next few years on edge. matches. Like what happened with Moore, in the world of work there are mistakes that can cost you continuity in the company where you work or if you are looking for a promotion, it may be compromised.

What mistakes should you avoid at work if you want a promotion.

Here we tell you what actions you should avoid if you want to leave a good image in your work to achieve things in the future:

Act arrogantly as if you had all the knowledge:

As a collaborator you should not fall into the error of having arrogant attitudes. If you have this reputation, a hostile environment will be generated both with your colleagues and with your superiors.


Be silent:

As part of the company, you should always have a proactive attitude and not wait for your boss to look at your results or proposals. You should look for the opportunity to present ideas and share personal triumphs, which indirectly contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the team you are in.

Be defensive

According to Ralph Spechtan expert in Corporate Culture, having an attitude of evasion or defense whenever a comment is received can be counterproductive. You must have criteria and this implies that although you do not always have to respond affirmatively to any suggestion or comment, you must seek the well-being of both the individual and the team.

Do not leave the comfort zone:

Not doing things different from what you are used to in a job can trigger both personal and corporate stagnation. Experts recommend preparing in different areas that allow professional growth and with it the proactive capacity within the work team, that is, not staying in the comfort of previously acquired knowledge, but exploring different areas.

If you manage to avoid these mistakes, despite having made them at some point in your working life, your work within a company will have a lot of value, there will be no failures and the fulfillment of objectives will be a reality.