What is Shipping Clerk Job Responsibilities

What is Shipping Clerk Job Responsibilities

Shipping clerks are held responsible for all the tasks related to the shipments that are departing from the warehouse. These professionals are required to maintain the documents, assist in packaging, monitor the movement of the shipments and handle a number of related tasks. One does not require undergoing any specific degree course in order to become a shipping clerk nor does he require any prior work experience. A High school diploma, some knowledge about working on computers and the ability to coordinate with others is all that is required to fetch a job as a shipping clerk.

Most employers provide on the job training for a day or two to make the candidates familiar with the way the shipping tasks are to be handled. A warehouse may have one or more shipping clerks depending upon the size of the business. Some of the major responsibilities assigned to the shipping clerks are discussed below in detail:

Documentation: Shipping Clerks are required to ensure that all the documentation work related to the outgoing shipping items is completely appropriately and on time. They need to maintain a record of all the shipping items that are moved out from the warehouse. The record should have the details of the daily shipping activities

Packaging: While the bigger warehouses have a separate team handling the packaging of the shipping items the smaller ones may require the shipping clerks to help in carrying out this task. In such firms the shipping clerks are involved in wrapping the shipping items to pack them appropriately, label them and also ensure that these are loaded safely in the trucks.

Check the orders: Shipping clerks are required to ensure that the shipping items are packed and labeled properly before these are sent out from the warehouse. They are also required to check the items while they are being packed.

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