What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Paediatrician?

What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Paediatrician?

A physician is a person who takes care of the patients and relieves their pain and a paediatrician is a specialist physician, who takes care of children below the age of 18, in some countries they take care of children who are below the age of 21.

A paediatrician’s job is a little difficult than a physicians in the sense, that small children, will not be able to articulate and communicate their problems. Paediatrician is generally responsible for the proper growth of the patient from their childhood to adolescent, with respect to their medical requirements.

Job Responsibilities of a Paediatrician

  • Paediatrician is responsible for diagnosing and to identify the status and cause of the discomfort of the patient and to ascertain the disease with the symptoms.
  • Paediatrician is responsible for taking the decision on prescribing tests and analysis which in turn will help in ascertaining the diseases and communicate the same.
  •  His responsibility includes prescribing the appropriate relief procedures like prescribing medicines and to communicate clearly the dosage and the rest of the details.
  • Paediatrician is responsible for prescribing and monitoring the immunization to be provided in general as a practice; and to suggest any particular preventive measure that is needed in some special cases.
  • Paediatrician is responsible for using the facilities in the hospital in an appropriate manner to help the patient and to relieve the pain of the patient.
  • Paediatrician is responsible for documenting the procedure followed while diagnosing and also the details of the findings.
  • He is responsible in maintaining the record of all the transactions that has taken place between the patient, the patients’ guardian and himself for further reference and actions.
  • Paediatrician is responsible for handling the nurse and other personnel in the hospital to help the patient in their medical needs and emergencies.
  • Paediatrician should follow the protocol and norms meticulously and is responsible for following and documenting the same, in case of a deviation, should be able to take permission from the seniors or document it for further ratification.

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