Wedding Planner Job Responsibilities

Wedding Planner Job Responsibilities

Wedding Planners are employed for planning the wedding arrangements and ensuring that everything is set as per the plan. Wedding Planners may work on contract basis with different clients or may even work for a particular bridal shop or store. In order to get into this position one must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, though a degree in management is preferred by certain employers.

Wedding Planners Job Responsibilities

  • Wedding Planners are required to look for prospective clients interested in getting their wedding arrangements planned from a professional wedding planner. They may also seek clients interested in getting other wedding functions planned.
  • Wedding Planners are required to meet the wedding couple or their family members in order to discuss about the wedding arrangement.
  • Wedding Planners need to understand their client’s budget and make all the arrangements as per the amount set.
  • Wedding Planners provide information regarding the latest decoration themes to their clients and also inform them about the cost involved in each of them and help them decide a decoration theme as per their taste and budget.
  • Wedding Planners help the bride and the bride groom decide the wedding outfit. They may also help the other family members in choosing outfits to be worn on different wedding functions.
  • Wedding Planners are required to order various items including flowers, garlands, lights, lamps, balloons, etc for making the decorations.
  • Wedding Planners also help in choosing the design of the invitation cards and getting them printed.
  • Wedding Planners also help the client in deciding the food menu and arranging the same.

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