Website Manager Job Responsibilities

Website Manager Job Responsibilities

Website Manager Responsibilities

The website manager is responsible for all the online operations and analysis of the company. The manager will have to take care of the quality of the contents, updating information layouts and functionality of the web site. The role of the manager is to provide initiatives and guidance to project management to produce effective results.

The individual has to work in coordination with various teams as per the requirement.

Website Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Execution of online plans and agenda of the client.


  • Management of technology partners.
  • Proper monitoring of the website.
  • Managing the community website.
  • Understand the client requirements and communicate it to the developers and designers.
  • Review the work submitted by the content development and web development team and gives approval if the product meets the company standards.
  • Managing the community websites.
  • Creating fresh work orders.
  • Applying latest technology and meet different standards related to online marketing and media.
  • Ensure the testing of the site during the website implementation stage.
  • Work in conjunction with all team members for greater outcomes.
  • Manage the enhancement of features that’s on website.
  • They help create, develop & manage the contents for web presence of the organization.
  • They track & report regarding all the website metrics.
  • They work co-operatively with the key vendors, clients and team members.

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